Business Solutions

Business Solutions

MDS SOFT's Business Solutions form an ERP Solution covering all it's part, but is available as separate Modules.

"MDS INFO" ERP Solutions has the following modules:

  • General Ledger (Accounting Module)
  • Analytical Records of Customers/Suppliers Module
  • Interest Rates Module
  • Warehouse Inventory Management Module
  • Tresurer Module

General Ledger (Accounting Module)

The Module allows for accounts of the financial turnover of one or more copmanies with the ability to follow separately the financial situation in one ore more organisational parts inside the company. Some of the Basic Functions are:

  1. Maintainance of common data for:
    • Accounts
    • Organisational Parts
    • Analytical accounts chart
    • Customers (Business partners)
    • Cost centers
    • Document Types
    • Accounting Schemes
  2. Entries in Accounting Journal
    • Addition/Changing Orders
    • Order List
    • Bulk changes in Orders
    • Forming the Financial Order
  3. Periodic and Final Statement
    • Tax Sheet
    • Profit and Loss statement
    • Balance Sheet
  4. Various Reports

Analytical Records of Customers/Suppliers Module

The Module allows for analytical records of liabilities and responsibilities from business partners. Some of the Basic Functions are:

  1. Maintainance of common data for:
    • Customers (Business partners)
    • Business Changes Codes
    • Sales Regions
    • Distributors
  2. Denar Balance Continuity
  3. Separate Accounting Journal Entries
    • Matching Invoices with Payments
    • Documents Matching and Unlocking
    • Automated Invoice Takeover
    • Automated Documents Matching and Unlocking
    • Data Corrections (Customers, Documents, turnover corrections, Order Corrections, ...)
  4. Various Reports
  5. Currency Balance Continuity (has all the parts from the Denar Balance Continuity as well as data for Exchange Rate differences,
    liabilities and responsibilities, ...)

Interest Rates Module

The Module allows the creation and control of interest rates for business partners. Some of the Basic Functions are:

  1. Information on Interest Rates (Yearly, Monthly, Agreed)
  2. Interest Rate Reports (separate and partner supplied)
  3. Distributors Interest Rates Report Checks
  4. Reports on generated Interest Rate Lists

Warehouse Inventory Management Module

The Module covers the entire proces linked with Warehouse Management, manufacturing resources, finished goods and trade goods. Some of the Basic Functions are:

  1. Maintainance of common data for:
    • Articles
    • Groups of Articles
    • Types of Articles
    • Warehouses and warehouse locations
    • Currencies
    • Empoyees (Commercialists, Distributers, People in charge of goods preparation, ...)
    • Business Partners and Sales Points
    • Brands, Types of Sales Points Data (for analysis)
    • Regions and Regional Groups, Key Partners
  2. Entry Transactions
    • Entries (manufacturing resource and trade goods) for distributors and cooperators
    • Entries from Manufacturing for finished goods
    • Permitions/Obligations for Entries (past and current year)
    • Corrections of warehouse state
    • Denar and Foreign Currency Calculations
  3. Various Reports for Entry Transactions
    • Internal Calculations by Type
    • Goods Received Note/Note Cancellation
    • Goods Returned Note from Distributer/Manufacturing
  4. Exiting Transactions
    • Dispatch Note
    • Interwarehouse transactions, exiting goods to small shops
    • Exiting Order for Manufacturing/Cooperants
    • Dispatch Note Corrections
    • Dispatch Note Approval with and without Document
    • Pro-Forma Invoices
    • Invoices
    • Transit Invoices
    • Services Invoices
  5. Various Reports for Exiting Transactions
    • Dispatch Note/Dispatch Note Cancelation/Dispatch Note Approval Lists
    • Invoice/ Invoice Canncelations/ Invoice Approval Lists
    • Pro-Invoice Lists
  6. Articles Code List
  7. Article Stock by Warehouse/Location/Combined
  8. Orders by Min-Max System
  9. Warehouse Article Card
  10. Ordering Suggestions
  11. Sales Reports by Month (Quantity and Financial, Price Difference, Prices without tax, ...)
  12. Sales Prices
    • Forming Sales Prices
    • Separate and Group Price Changes
    • Denar and Foreign Currency Price List
  13. Production Orders
    • Information about Production Orders by goods/services
    • Normative Creation
    • Resource Consumption per Production Order
    • Overview of Normative and Real consumption
  14. Storage Inventory
    • Forming Inventory
    • Inventory List - Stocktaking
    • Confirmed Stock addition
    • Inventory Differences (Quantity and Financial)
  15. Corrections and Changes
    • Daily Corrections
    • Turnover Corrections (Separate and Bulk)
    • Inventory Corrections (Separate and Bulk)
    • Document Changes

The warehouses can be run with the FIFO/Sales Prices/ Averidge Prices/ Planned Prices, depending on the type of the articles (trade goods, production materials, finished goods,...)

Tresurer Module

This module encompases all the workings of a treasurer. Some of the Basic Functions are:

  1. Working with Cash
  2. Working with Guarantiees
  3. Material (Expenditures Treasury)